Daphne In Trouble

Thumbnail Daphne in trouble
6.00 EUR
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We captured our blond model Daphne and cuffed her with three Dutch linged LIPS handcuffs , One one her wrists, one one her ankles...

Black Sweatsuit

Thumbnail Black sweatsuit
7.00 EUR
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Christy is wearing a black sweatsuit and she is barefoot. After we has made a picture set we took het to an other place to made...

Handcuffed & Hooded (15 Minutes)

Thumbnail Handcuffed & Hooded  (15 minutes)
8.00 EUR
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Rose is handcuffed with hinged handcuffs on the back. We put on her jacket backwards and pull the hood over her face, then we tied...

Catharina Blindfolded

Thumbnail Catharina blindfolded
7.00 EUR
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It seems to that our model Catharina likes it to be prisoner. After we has made a picture session we decide to made a short clip...

Chained Cop

Thumbnail Chained Cop
5.00 EUR
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Actually we has planned to made serious Cop capture clip. But our new model Christy has so much fun when we cuffed and chained her. We...

Girls In Grey Hoodies

Thumbnail Girls in grey hoodies
5.00 EUR
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Two girls are handcuffed, and gagged when they where Unconscious. When they wake-up they are surprised. What to do now ?

Alyssa Escape

Thumbnail Alyssa Escape
3.50 EUR
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We handcuffed our sexy model Alyssa with three pair of Dutch hinged LIPS handcuffs in a hog-tie position. She was very angry at us and...

Girls At School Camp

Thumbnail Girls at School Camp
14.00 EUR
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During the Summer hollydays, the Girls are on camp, organised by the school. One of the girls has taken some handcuffs on camp. Once the teachers...